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This conference will last for two days, with all foreign guests on the first day and all domestic guests on the second day. That's right, half of the guests this time are from abroad. What are foreign developers doing? What are they focusing on? I believe you are also curious.

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I'm like you, I'm tired of hearing the constant repetition of topics and seeing the faces that go around giving speeches. And then there are the sponsors. I'm not stupid, I can tell at a glance what's dry and what's advertising.

Brand new idea to blow your mind

Historical Video

Speech video of the 2016 @Swift Conference in China

You can first experience it by watching our historical video, giving you more basis for making decisions before participating in this event.

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Day 1

sl session speaker vanue time
01 Opening Speech Presenter Hall Room 09:20-09:30
02 Swift with hundreds of engineers Tuomas Artman Hall Room 09:30-10:10
03 Concurrency on iOS Sam Davies Hall Room 10:20-11:00
04 iOS development efficiency at Facebook Igor Jerkovic Hall Room 11:10-11:50
05 Launch Break N/A Hall Room 12:00-14:00
06 Thinking in Rx way Krunoslav Zaher Hall Room 14:00-14:40
07 Javascript Marius Rackwitz Hall Room 14:50-15:30
08 Server Side Swift Kyle Jessup Hall Room 15:40-16:20
09 Secret Topics Secret Guests Hall Room 16:20-18:00

Day 2

sl session speaker vanue time
01 Why is Swift so fast? Tang Qiao Hall Room 09:00-09:40
02 What interesting things you can do by learning iOS compilation principles Dai ming Hall Room 09:40-10:20
03 Creating easily scalable, high-performance image components Lingtonke Hall Room 10:20-11:00
04 Components + Assembly = Meituan iOS Client Zhao Ensheng Hall Room 11:00-11:40
05 Launch Break N/A Hall Room 11:40-14:00
06 Something Metal related, definitely interesting but mostly useless Fu Ruoyu Hall Room 14:00-14:40
07 TensorFlow + iOS = ❤️: Build a face character input method Yin Hang Hall Room 14:40-15:20
08 When Swift meets Raspberry Pi Tang Xiaoxuan Hall Room 15:20-16:00
09 Secret Topics Secret Guests Hall Room 16:00-18:00


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